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Project Description
This project uses a simple HttpModule in SharePoint 2010 to provide a mechanism by which administrators can set security on particular views in any list.

It contains a simple HttpModule, a feature and a feature receiver. The feature is a site collection feature. The feature receiver will create a custom list 'Inline.SharePoint.SecurityOnViews' on the root web of the site collection. You can alter the permissions to this list so only administrators can change the configuration. The feature receiver also adds an entry to the 'Modules' tag in the web.config, together with the other Http Modules.

The custom list contains the views to which you want to restrict access. What is entered there is the GUID of the view in UPPER CASE. To get the GUID of a view, go to the view in the correct list in the correct web, go to the 'modify view' page and take the 'view' property value from the URL without the brackets.

To restrict access to the view, you restrict access to the configuration item which holds the GUID of that view. If the visiting user has no access to the configuration entry, he will not have access to the view in the list.

Simple example
URL to the modify view page could be http://inlinesp2010dev/_layouts/ViewEdit.aspx?List=8850b555%2Dfaa9%2D4676%2Dad30%2D500f6581c836&View=%7B00A51329%2DFA45%2D4852%2DAD90%2DA4C458A1692F%7D&Source=http%3A%2F%2Finlinesp2010dev%2FShared%2520Documents%2FForms%2FAllItems%2Easpx

The view property value is %7B00A51329%2DFA45%2D4852%2DAD90%2DA4C458A1692F%7D

What you would enter as a configuration entry: 00A51329-FA45-4852-AD90-A4C458A1692F

If you have suggestions or questions you can always drop me an email.

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